Sunday, May 1, 2011

Del Sol - Heartbreaker

Heartbreaker is a bright red glitter that is supposed to turn purple in the sun.  Red glitter polishes always remind me of the winter holidays, and since it's spring I wanted to see if I could use Heartbreaker on top of something else (like I did with Ruby Slippers) to mix up the effect.  The pic below is Heartbreaker (without sun) on top of silver, black, and white:

There wasn't much of a difference between Heartbreaker on its own (first nail) and Heartbreaker over white (last nail).  I had hoped it would look more pink over white, but the red jelly base turned out to be fairly pigmented so this was a bit of a failed experiment.

Now, the same combinations in the sun:

As with Girls Night Out which I posted about in January, the color doesn't transform into a true purple as the label would indicate.  It becomes more of a fuchsia color, slightly darker than the outdoor version of Girls Night Out.  I like the fuchsia but I'm not as thrilled about the red indoor color, so I probably won't use this again for a manicure.  Maybe it would be perfect for a pedi?


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