Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Del Sol - Ruby Slipper

I bought a few of these Del Sol color-changing polishes back in January and now that it's spring (and soon to be summer) I had the urge to bring them back into rotation.  Ruby Slipper is a silver glitter that is supposed to turn bright pink (i.e., same color as the flower sticker on the bottle) when exposed to UV light.  It can be worn alone but I was most interested in using it as a top coat, so I also tried layering it over white, black, and gold.  This is what Ruby Slipper looks like indoors / in the shade:

....and this is Ruby Slipper in full sun:

As you can see on the index finger, Ruby Slipper goes from clear to translucent jelly red.  When used with a white base, it looks bright pink (a close match to the hibiscus sticker on the bottle).  The black doesn't change much because it's so dark.  My favorite transformation was definitely the gold:

The gold base is China Glaze 2030, and when combined with Ruby Slipper it becomes an awesome reddish gold metallic in the sun with silver glitter.


  1. So cool! I always thought those color change lines were just a gimmick. I can't believe the dramatic change in this one!

  2. I thought so too! When I first saw these years ago I was pretty skeptical, but I saw a demo of the color change in the mall once where they used UV lamps and I knew I had to try them. I can't wait to wear these all summer long.

  3. Thats so coool :) How many coats of the ruby slipper nail polish did you use?


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