Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confetti - Dreamdate

I've used this polish quite a few times since I first mentioned it two months ago, so I figured I should devote a post to it and share the love for anyone who wants to snag it at CVS for $1.99 while it's still available.

Dreamdate is a glittery frosted light pink, but the pink is very sheer so I generally use it as a top coat.  It's been perfect for classic french mani's (as above) when I want something extra shimmery, and I also use it over other colors to give them a frosty finish:

I did a quick swatch above to show some of the colors I've combined with Dreamdate in the past.  My favorite combination is definitely Dreamdate + black, though I have been known to frost just about any color I'm wearing if it strikes my fancy.  The frost comes out gold-toned (not pink) so I think it matches with just about anything.

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