Saturday, December 4, 2010

OPI Ink - Matte & Glossy

OPI Ink Matte silver Konad M6 M02

OPI Ink matte silver konad M6

I wanted something cute and elegant for my manicure today so I used OPI Ink with silver flowers and rhinestones.  OPI Ink is a gorgeous dark purple shimmer.  I muted the shine with matte top coat and then stamped a flower pattern from Bundle Monster octagon plate M02 (Konad m6) along the side of each nail in silver.  For the finishing touch I added a tiny rhinestone on each flower.  I'm secretly crazy about rhinestones but I have trouble incorporating them in wearable looks.

OPI Ink nail polish

Above is what OPI Ink typically looks like.  As you can see, it has a very intense shimmer.  After putting it on I decided to go matte because I really wanted to use Konad with rhinestones and I was afraid the combination would be too much.

OPI Ink nail polish

This picture is right after applying the matte top coat, before I started stamping.  I love how quickly matte top coat dries.  I've tried a few brands of matte top coat and so far I like Essie's and Rescue Beauty Lounge's the best.

And last, the supplies:



  1. stunning! those flowers are really playful but elegant. i'm going to send these pics to all my friends.

  2. wow, i've always been on the fence with the whole matte nail polish look, but OPI Ink as a matte is beautiful!! i love the silver flowers you konad'ed on top as well. gorgeous!!

  3. Connie and Kileen - Thank you! You ladies are too sweet. Glad someone other than me likes the look!


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