Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OPI DS Coronation w/ Houndstooth

I loved the My Private Jet houndstooth mani from a few weeks ago so much that I had to do another one!  This time I used OPI DS Coronation (from the Designer Series with the silver bottle cap) as the base.  It's a silver holo so it has a really cool rainbow 3D effect in the light:

And then I stamped the houndstooth pattern from Konad plate m63 using Konad black special polish:

I love how the houndstooth pattern comes out so crisp and perfect.  Thank goodness for Konad--I'd never be able to get this look by free handing with acrylic paint.  I can'd decide whether I like this black & white look better than the brown & gold combination when I used My Private Jet . . .


  1. This manicure is lovely. I just came across your blog and I LOVE your tape manicures and nail art! I also followed and look forward to more posts! (:

  2. wow youve stamped this so well!!! love the glitter in this, nicely done miss!

  3. Thank you ladies so much! I'm flattered!



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