Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sephora by OPI - Never Enough Shoes

Never Enough Shoes from Sephora by OPI is a solid black with a bit of red, green, and gold glitter.  I was hoping it would look a little different from standard black so I was disappointed to see that the glitter didn't show up very well.

I compared Never Enough Shoes (on the right) to my favorite solid black, Black Onyx (middle).  On the left is Baby It's Coal Outside, which I wore yesterday.  At first I thought the polishes might be comparable but Coal Outside is more of a charcoal color with dense silver microglitter whereas Never Enough Shoes is a darker black and the glitter is less apparent.  Not sure I'd wear it again since the color isn't very unique--I'd prefer Coal Outside when looking for an alternative to black.

Edit (2/12/11):  I did end up wearing Never Enough Shoes again for a Valentine's Day look and posted more pics here.

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